Monday, November 17, 2008

Yeah Obama!

Hard to believe, but I just heard it on the radio, as I am sure that you have as well. Finally, some good news! And after all of these years of denial, we are finally going to be treated like adults instead of scared little children.

I admit, when I had heard that Obama was going to be the man to do it, I was surprised, just as much as you probably were. Clinton had the chance to do it, but I think that phrase meant something else to him. And W... But Obama, he's our man!

The government waste involved - it will sure be a grand day to get that money back into our budget so that we can do something better with it, like feed the homeless. I would say upgrade our schools, but none of that matters now! With all of that influx of technology... wow.

I heard about it on KSFO - they spent the last hour talking about it, and for this next after midnight hour, they say that they will continue talking about it. They just finished off the hour saying that the money being wasted over the past 70 years on this program will finally be over. Good news, everybody.

I wonder how they are going to report it around the world? Will each government tell its populous at the same time? Now that I think about it, why would they leak it to late night talk around... unless they have already started officially telling people in other countries - that must be it!

Hard to believe that Obama will go down in history as the president who finally stopped wasting time and money covering up the UFO/alien conspiracy. As they just finished saying, this will be the greatest event in human history.

Wait, the next hour started... they are now saying that they hope Obama will be the person who tells us the truth. We should all send him emails asking him to disclose the truth. They say he is a good honest man, so once he is in, he will spill the beans... Hmmm... not quite the same, but still... - could late night talk radio be wrong?!

The Edward

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